Distance: 136 km
Travel time: 2 h 52 min
Inhabitants: 295.000

The first written mention of the place Białystok dates from the 16th century, although the establishment of the place in the 14th century took place. Białystok belonged since 1665 to the magnate family Branicki, who had developed the city into a royal residence and in 1692 by Stefan Branicki obtained the city law, which was confirmed in 1794 by August III. After a varied history, Białystok has been the capital of the Podlaskie Voivodeship since 1999 and at the same time a lively university town with several colleges.

Touristic attractions:

The baroque town hall with its affiliated museum of regional art and the Branicki palace surrounded by a rococo garden (the Polish "Versaille"), where today the medical academy is located, are also among the tourist attractions, as well as the cathedral complex with its The old church from the 16th century, the interior design of the 18th century and the built in the Gothic Revival style cathedral from the years 1904 to 1915 with its ornate main altar.

There are also several Orthodox churches in Białystok, of which St. Nicholas Cathedral and Haghia Sophia are the most beautiful. About 80 km from the city is the Białowieza National Park, where ancient wisents could be saved from extinction.


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Shopping / Hints:

The shopping possibilities are of course rich and for a city of this size so extensive that a more detailed description must be submitted later.

In Bialystok there are several theaters and a philharmonic orchestra. On the outskirts of the city is a large aviation center, where balloon flights and sightseeing flights are offered.

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