Distance: 1,5 km
Travel time: 5 min
Inhabitants: 290

Hof in PogorzelecHolzschuppen PogorzelecThe small village Pogorzelec belongs to the municipality of Giby. In contrast to many other villages in the region, the houses and courtyards are harmoniously concentrated along the streets, forming a kind of center. 

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Touristic attractions:

Kirche in PogorzelecIn addition to the beauties of the country, it is worth visiting the Catholic Church from 1931, with its adjacent cemetery testifies to the history of the village and its surrounding villages. 

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Shopping / Hints:

geschäft pogorzelecIn a shop, you can shop near the Comfort House or charge your phone with a Polish SIM card.


Insider tip: In order to be more conveniently called by relatives and friends, you should buy a SIM card from a Polish provider and charge it with a limited credit. You will be given a new phone number for a certain amount of time and can provide it to your callers. You will not pay anything if you are called.


You can buy all of your staple foods, such as fish, meat and baked goods, toiletries and cosmetics, sweets, spirits, and many extras at the store, which brings some people to the memory of the forgotten "mom and pop" shop.

Even on Sundays, you can enjoy the delicious, fresh bread rolls and "Rogaliki" (croissants) for your daily breakfast, as well as the special sausages and the cool Polish beer in all variations according to taste for the convivial barbecue at the open campfire near the lake or something more conventional at the barbecue area the terrace.

BushaltestelleFrom Pogorzelec you can also easily take a bus to Sejny and Suwałki.

Insider-tip: At some bus stops, private tour operators offer on a poster basis, after signing up by telephone, day trips within Poland or to neighboring Lithuania. As a coach, you can conveniently visit the cities of Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas or other well-known places of Lithuania and Poland - without having to worry about itineraries!

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