Distance: 10 km
Travel time: 20 min
Inhabitants: 6.000

Today's county seat is marked by a history that since its inception in the 16th century has been able to recount time after time of a dynamic upswing and prolonged periods of stagnation.

After its founding, the Dominican Order took over the city. After the third partition of Poland in 1795, the city belonged briefly to Prussia. In the course of history, the city lost its position by exodus from schools, the Episcopal Curia (1818-1925), military garrisons and the district administration.

The lack of railway connections made Sejny provincial town, which is therefore much more enjoyable for tourists nowadays, as the clocks run slower here.

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Touristic attractions:

Basilica minor SejnyThe marketplace is designed in the typical Baroque form of two triangular, with the tips facing each other places. The façade of the late Baroque-style older "Basilica Minor" Assumption from the second half of the 18th century delimits the market place in the northwest. The basilica, in addition to 18th and 19th century murals, Baroque organ and altars, houses a unique Gothic shrine Madonna from the first half of the 15th century, formerly part of a field altar of the Teutonic Order.
A Classicist Town Hall, the Sejny Museum, the 17th century Dominican Monastery, the Consulate of the Lithuanian Republic, a gallery in the former Talmud School and the so-called 19th century "White Synagogue", which today hosts concerts and exhibitions be organized, tell their story.

The city is also the organizer of many international competitions, ranging from children's theater to organ plays to major rock and pop festivals, all announced in a separate calendar of events.

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Shopping / Hints:

top market sejnyWochenmarkt SejnyA multitude of shops, restaurants, cafes and administrative facilities line the basilica in charming 19th-century houses.

Smaller supermarkets, a weekly market and several gas stations complete the offer.

You will also find banks, pharmacies, doctors and a hospital in the village.

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