Distance: 15 km
Travel time: 20 min
Inhabitants: 30

The small but very famous village of Wigry is known for its exposed geographical location on the peninsula of Lake Wigry. Since the summer of 1999, the reputation of the village is linked above all to the visit of the Polish Pope John Paul II, who spent his holiday in the local monastery.

Wigry belongs administratively to the municipality Suwałki. The characteristic Vedute of the monastery is unforgettable and is appreciated throughout the country as a valuable cultural asset. Wigry has become a landmark in the region.

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Touristic attractions:

The main attraction is undoubtedly the Kamaldulenserkloster, founded in 1668 by Jan Kazimierz, for which almost a century passed. The eventful history brought destruction and ruin of the whole complex, especially in the world wars, which could be restored through labor-intensive reconstruction and reconstruction and now shines in new splendor as a cultural monument.

The main building, the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, continues to serve the parish as a place of worship. In the former monastery, a creative house has been set up for concerts, exhibitions and workshops as well as a gastronomy.

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